Dinner, Dancing & Decor, our prices include it all!

And that makes planning your wedding as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Pop the bubbly, we have a wedding to plan!

Set the stage

1. Schedule a Tour & Book Your Date

Schedule a Private Tour

Schedule a private tour of our beautiful property to get a feel for what to expect on your big day!

Choose Your Wedding Day

Once you’re ready to book, we’ll help you find the perfect date on the calendar and send over all the important docs to make it official!


It’s time to spread the word because… You’re getting married!  That’s right, order your save-the-dates and let the planning begin!

The fun starts

2. Details, Details, Details!


Immediately after booking, we will provide a detailed month to month checklist to assist you with all the planning needs.

Who, What, When and How

We’ll also connect you with all of your vendors so you can start planning all the nitty gritty details of your special day!

Sharing Your Dream

If you’re like most, you’ve been planning this event for most of your life.  You have ideas and visions of how things will flow.  We’ve been executing special events for more than a decade and have a 5-star process that allows for the best results.  Together, you and your coordinator will mesh your vision with our process to make your day uniquely yours!

Escape the ordinary with Agave Estates!

It’s time!

3. Becoming a Newlywed

This is Your Day

It’s here!  The day you’ve been dreaming of and working towards for months!

Sit Back, Relax & Enjoy

Rest assured that everything we’ve planned together will come to life behind-the-scenes while you enjoy every second of your perfect day with your partner, family and friends!

Gone In A Flash

We hear this over and over again, and as wild as it sounds, your day will come and go in the blink of an eye!  After the number of events we’ve executed, we know this and as a result, are that much more committed to making your day as easy as possible.  We want your day to be stress-free and enjoyable, so that you can feel each exciting moment throughout the day.

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