The coordinator is the one who makes sure everything runs smoothly and are the ones who make sure that the bride and groom’s vision comes to life!

If you’re planning a wedding, you need a coordinator.  No question about it, you need someone who is going to make sure that each vendor arrives when they are supposed to and are doing exactly what you’ve hired them to do at the appropriate moment so you might say that a wedding coordinator is the unsung hero of every wedding!

They are the backbone of the entire event, keeping everything organized and running smoothly. Without a coordinator, weddings would require a family member to orchestrate the details and keep things on track, or worse, the newlyweds would be left to keep the party flowing!

The beautiful thing about our all-inclusive wedding packages is that our Coordinators are included in the price you pay! Here’s a breakdown of exactly what you’re paying for:

  • Your own personal Wedding Coordinator beginning 2 months before your event
  • Unlimited emails, phone calls, and text communication as needed
  • One 90-minute Initial Consultation, scheduled 6-8 weeks before your event
  • Agave’s Planning Worksheet to guide you through all major event decisions
  • One 90-minute Final Consultation, scheduled 2-3 weeks before your event
  • Comprehensive timeline & floorplan created for you and your event professionals
  • Coordination of all event professionals on the day of and week before your event
  • Coordination of your onsite rehearsal the day before or day of your wedding, based on availability
  • Onsite supervision of your ceremony and reception, beginning 3 hours prior to your event

To recap, there are so many things that go into planning a wedding, and it can be extremely overwhelming for couples.  At Agave Estates, our Coordinators step in and take care of all the details, both big and small, so that you can relax and enjoy the thrill of each moment, soaking up all the “feels” throughout your special day.

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