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Wedding Coordinator

The coordinator is the one who makes sure everything runs smoothly and are the ones who make sure that the bride and groom’s vision comes to life! The Coordinator comes in closer to the wedding day to help manage all the logistics of the event and help with vendor coordination, timelines, and making sure that everything runs smoothly on your special day!

If you’re planning a wedding, you need a coordinator.  No question about it, you need someone who is going to make sure that each vendor arrives when they are supposed to and are doing exactly what you’ve hired them to do at the appropriate moment so you might say that a wedding coordinator is the unsung hero of every wedding!

They are the backbone of the entire event, keeping everything organized and running smoothly. Without a coordinator, weddings would require a family member to orchestrate the details and keep things on track, or worse, the newlyweds would be left to keep the party flowing!

Wedding Coordinator | Agave Estates | In**@Ag**********.com | 281-395-5070

Your Agave Coordinator will reach out by 2 months prior to your Event Date to schedule your Initial Consult.