Book Hair & Makeup vendors (if you are going with a pro):

Consider the amount of time you’ll need to get everyone ready, not just yourself. Are you asking that ay friends or family have hair and makeup done professionally? If so, discuss a getting-ready timeline with your artist and figure out what time you’ll need to start. If you find you need more time in the Suite than what is allotted in your package, you may purchase the additional time at $150/hour.

Book your Florist:

Remember to share Agave’s Outside Floral Guidelines with your hired florist and ask them to return a signed copy to your Agave Representative. If you are using Agave’s in-house florist, then you do not need to worry about the Floral Guidelines.

Order your Invitations:

Most people have gone the way of ordering invitations online. No matter where you get your invites from, be sure to order them with plenty of time for printing, assembly, addressing and mailing. Ideally, the invitation should be mailed 8-10 weeks before your event.