When it comes to Christmas right now, most of us instantly think of this…

But the Holiday Season is literally only six months away and our December dates are flying off the calendar like paper products flew off the shelves last year!

Now that it’s been over a year, life is starting to feel different.  Even optimistic.  Employees are craving a long-awaited release to celebrate together as they have in the past.  As leaders within your company, we know you want to acknowledge your staff and what they have accomplished in the difficult face of the pandemic.

We encourage you to bring your team together this year at Agave Estates and honor them for pulling through the tough times, sticking with it and surviving the craziness of 2020!

Hurry and book your holiday party before all the great dates are gone!

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Remaining available dates:

Wednesday 12/1, Thursday 12/2, Friday 12/3 and Sunday 12/5

Wednesday 12/8, Thursday 12/9 and Friday 12/10

Wednesday 12/15 and Thursday 12/16