Your wedding day is the day the that the two of you become one through the love and witness of your friends and family.

Traditionally during the Unity Ceremony involves the bride and groom lighting a unity candle, the latest trend these days however is to go with something a little different.


While we’ve seen the sweet tradition of the unity candle here at Agave, we’ve also seen touching new alternatives, one of the most common being the unity sand ceremony. This is where the bride and groom each have their own color of sand separately and together they pour each of their sand into a vessel, and blend it together to become one. There are multiple versions of this, each one more personal for each individual couple.

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It can even be taken further than just the “two becoming one” by involving the whole family. A marriage can be the unity of much more than just the blending together of a man and wife, but the blending together of a family.

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Another unity ceremony we’ve seen is the tying of the triple knot unity ceremony.

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At the end of the day it doesn’t matter which direction you decide to go in because what matters most is doing what the two of you feel works best to celebrate the unity of the two of you becoming one.


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