We all know that your wedding day is a special day to celebrate the love between the two of you, but let’s not forget those who loved us first, and the ones who probably helped support your big wedding dreams, dear mom & dad.

Perhaps the sweetest way to pay homage to your parents on your wedding day, is the traditional “Father-Daughter” and “Mother-Son” dance.

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As ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ it’s always such an emotional experience of a father to see his princess getting married. The emotions, and maybe even the tears no matter how much of a tough guy he claims to be, start from the moment he sees his little girl in her wedding dress.

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He may even have a hard time holding it together after he walks her down the aisle and gives her “away” to her groom. But, it’s all smiles and happy tears when he realizes how beautiful and grown up she really is, especially during that sweet moment of the “Father-Daughter” dance. We absolutely adore the loving way our Fathers of the Bride look at their little girl when they dance with her in front of all of their friends and family. It’s enough to make us tear up a bit almost every time.

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They say that no one loves their mom the way a son does, which is especially true of a lot of our grooms. While, the moment may differ from a father and his little girl, we can tell that quite a few of our grooms are a true “Momma’s Boy” at heart. The moments the groom shares with his mother right before he gets married are just as sweet as the bride and her father, and the “Mother-Son” dance is truly very touching. The way the groom looks at his mom while he dances with her is sweet and you can really feel just how proud momma bear is of her little boy.

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Overall, it’s important to remember that although your wedding day is absolutely meant to be about the two of you becoming one, that it’s just as important to use that special day as a day to thank your parents for giving you a love strong enough to pass on to the love of your life.

Venue: Agave Road

Photographer: Plum Tree Studios

Wedding of Mario & Elieen