Agave Inside Look: Agave Real

Agave Inside Look: Agave Real Agave Real, one of the newer treasures of Agave, can host a capacity of about 200 guests. The stunning water features and rustic ambiance is sure to transport you and your guests to an entirely different world! Come by and take a look for yourself at the picture-perfect venue that is Agave Real!              *For our

Agave Inside Look: Agave Road

Agave Inside Look: Agave Road Our biggest and very first venue, Agave Road has housed numerous events, from unforgettable corporate events to beautiful weddings. Agave Road can hold a maximum of about 300 people, and is the perfect backdrop for the most stunning photo ops. This private estate features Spanish style architecture that truly transports you and your guests to a romantic getaway, right in

Agave Inside Look: Bridal Suite

Agave Inside Look: Bridal Suite There are many things that make our properties at Agave Estates so unique! Perhaps of the things that makes both of our venues stand out so much is our cozy and spacious bridal suites! Each bridal suite has unique qualities. Agave Real’s bridal suite really gives the bride an opportunity to get comfy and relax, even in all the chaos

Keri & Blake Agave Road Wedding

December 31, 2016 was the stunning and elegant wedding of Keri Johnson & Blake Russel at Agave Road. From the stunning floral and candles that set the mood put together by our very own Bella Dia Floral, to the elegant stationery and linen that tied everything together crafted by the lovely ladies at Bella Dia Stationery, it truly was the most beautiful way to ring

Tradition vs Trend: “Two Become One”

Your wedding day is the day the that the two of you become one through the love and witness of your friends and family. Traditionally during the Unity Ceremony involves the bride and groom lighting a unity candle, the latest trend these days however is to go with something a little different. While we’ve seen the sweet tradition of the unity candle here at Agave,

Special Note: To All of Our “Mama’s Boys” and “Daddy’s Little Girls”

We all know that your wedding day is a special day to celebrate the love between the two of you, but let’s not forget those who loved us first, and the ones who probably helped support your big wedding dreams, dear mom & dad. Perhaps the sweetest way to pay homage to your parents on your wedding day, is the traditional “Father-Daughter” and “Mother-Son” dance.

Photos, photos, and more photos

Something that is extremely important, a large expense, and gives you all the memories that you want for your big day is the photography.  It's extremely important you find a photographer that not only fits your budget but also fits your style.  They will get to know you and your groom, your style, and your quirks during the meetings that take place prior to your

Southern Wedding Ettiquette

I am a Texan through a through.  I love being from the South.  I have family in Arkansas and I have been brought up to talk, walk, act, and even breathe like a true southern lady.  I have enough monogrammed things to float a boat and I have been to enough cotillions to last a life time.  I was involved in NCL (National Charity League) of which

Outdoor weddings in June…in Houston!

Sorry y'all, I have decided to admit that yes, I am officially the worst consistent blogger ever.  I am not consistent nor do I remember to do them.  So now I have set a reminder in my calendar so we shall see if it really helps me stay on track! In other news, a lot of people ask me all of the time if June

Technology & Weddings!

Social media is addicting, I think we can all agree that we are all slightly addicted to it.  You wake up in the morning and what's the first thing you do?  Hit your alarm clock, grab a cup of coffee, and stare at your phone with sleepy eyes and check texts, emails, voice mails, facebook, twitter, instagram and the list goes on.  If you're old

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