Every quarter we gather together our top vendors and newly booked brides, bringing them together for our Bridal 101.

And while we are not providing the “Martha Stewart” edition of
how to plan a wedding, we will give you a guided timeline of
what needs to be completed, and when it needs to be completed,
so that as you’re planning colors and styles and waiting for
your day-of coordinator to be assigned, you’ll know that
you’re on track to creating the perfect event.
We have found over the years that there are certain people
that you need to hire first and certain factors
that can wait until later even though the internet may say differenly.

We’ll provide you a guided timeline to check-off
as you go so you will be at ease throughout the planning process.
You’ll have an idea of when to order save-the-dates and invitations,
And to order your dress, and to hire your Florist and Photographer.
Our 30-minute group meeting will tell you when to schedule
linen selections and when you need to meet with your DJ, Officiant
and Coordinator and finalize your guest count.
We will be guiding you throughout the planning process
from the very beginning, all the way to the end
as you walk you down the aisle to the next chapter in your life.