Agave Inside Look: Bridal Suite

There are many things that make our properties at Agave Estates so unique! Perhaps of the things that makes both of our venues stand out so much is our cozy and spacious bridal suites! Each bridal suite has unique qualities. Agave Real’s bridal suite really gives the bride an opportunity to get comfy and relax, even in all the chaos that goes on during the big day! The bridal suite is adjacent to the groom’s quarters, but is still hidden enough for him to not see you until you walk down the aisle. Both the bridal suite and groom’s quarters are actually also in their own separate cozy house, that was actually a part of one of the owner’s original property that was re-purposed to become the perfect space for the lovely bride and her bridal party to pamper up and prep for the beautiful night to come!
Agave Road’s bridal suite has its own unique touches to it as well. The bridal suite is located in its own private floor above the reception area. There is plenty of room for all the bridesmaids to get ready and to take cute and sentimental photos. There is even a bathtub, and a large balcony to take all kinds of memorable pictures from!